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To discuss a photo mosaic, please email hello@anselandfox.com or use the contact page.
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Design and manufacture of bespoke quality photo products is the raison d’être of Ansel & Fox.
With a multitude of variables, you can determine what you want and how big you want it before it’s designed.

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The Concept

We’ve been wanting to offer this for ages but have only just found a good supplier – your collective set of images get set into a large mosaic to make up a single image of your choice. It’s really very clever!

Again, transfer the full set of images across to us and tell us which is the main image.  We’ll set it up so that all your images are there, but overlaid with the main image you’ve chosen.  They look super-smart and are seriously impressive!

As with the collages above, we can either print the image a poster-sized photo, have it framed separately, or simply send you the high-resolution digital file…  We think they would look best on the wall though!

Delivery for the finished mosaic will be as for the collage – courier for the print (framed or not), or via digital transfer if you just want the file.

Remember though – we’re here to stop the digital dust…  Wall hangings always look awesome!

We’re sure you have lots of questions, so read the FAQs below and if you have any others, get in touch through the contact page or email – hello@anselandfox.com

How it works

1 - Pick

2 - Pay

3 - Upload

4 - Change Draft

5 - Approve

6 - Receive & Enjoy

What other people say


What do the pages look like?

The images are printed directly on the paper (rather than stuck in!) and there is no break in the centre for the spine.  This means that one images can span facing pages with a full bleed (right to the edge).

Each page will be different and this is where the skill lies – we have a full-time professional design team making your images look as good as possible, saving you the job!

How do I transfer photos to you?

Within 24 hours of paying for your album, you will receive a link via email to a secure gallery.  You will then be able to upload high resolution images from any device at any time to that gallery, and we will be able to download from there as well.

How do I view the design?

Once the first draft of the album is finished, it will be uploaded to an online reviewing system.  You will be able to update/comment on/draft the design at that point, and those changes will automatically come back into our design team’s software.

They will then revise and re-upload and this process will continue until you are happy.  This is quite a collaborative process!

Once you hit ‘APPROVE’, the album will be sent for production and you will receive it about 10 days later.

How many photos am I allowed?

This will be governed by how many pages and what size of album you choose.

There is no limit per se, but bear in mind that the more you upload, the smaller each photo will be in the album as we will have to fit more in.

If you really do upload too many, we will be in touch to let you know.

Can I get duplicate copies of my album?

Of course!

Let us know how many copies of the album you want and we’ll see if we can offer a discount on the duplicates…  We usually can!

We are also able to produce miniature/downscaled versions as well should you want a primary album and the some secondary versions, for guests or similar for instance.

How is the cover designed?

The cover options will be chosen at checkout.  That includes a choice of 20 different colours of leather and the wording for the title that is etched into the cover.

Is shipping included?

All UK shipping is free.  Delivery costs to Europe and the RotW are on order by order basis.

Can you help me if I'm struggling to upload photos?

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to upload photos and in time, we hope to make it even simpler in time…

However, if at any point you get stuck uploading photos, please just ping us – hello@anselandfox.com – and we’ll do everything we can to streamline it for you. ?

Can I change my photos?

Once the design process has started, then no, that will not be possible.  It is suggested that you are quite careful with your initial image selection before you upload them to the gallery.

What's your cancellation and refund policy?

You will have 14 days to cancel your initial purchase and you will receive a full refund.

We will also reserve the right to terminate the purchase with no refund if, after sufficient warning, you have failed to upload, change or or approve the album design.

Are you able to edit the photos first?

Absolutely but there is an additional charge for that; get in touch and we can give you a quote.

Once they are edited, then we can roll straight into the album design process.


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