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An Image Concierge: you what now?

That question is usually asked with a quizzical look, as though I’ve made something up on the spot and it really is as pretentious as it sounds.

An image concierge…? Sounds weird but it’s actually pretty straight forward – we look after everything that is connected to your images: storage, archiving, editing, design, and production into useful photographic products such as photograph albums or simple prints.

The concept is simple really – we’ve all got WAY too many photographs.  Usually they inhabit our phones, especially since the cameras on them have improved so dramatically over the last couple of years, but it’s still more than possible we’ll have a point-and-shoot camera in addition, and it doesn’t seem like DSLRs are going out of fashion anytime soon.

But any of those methods still generate the perennial problem: what do you actually do with the image once you’ve taken it?

Most of the time it sits there, in your phone or computer doing nothing.  You might glance at it if you are uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram, but the chances are you’ll never really go through them again.

And so they’ll sit, clogging up your memory space and providing no real function to you.  You aren’t going to delete them because ‘they provide me with memories’, but by the same token, as we’ve already established, they are just dead weight. It’s only sentimentalism that means you keep them.

Sentimentalism or you are waiting for a way to sort them out, but you aren’t yet sure what that way is…

Holiday Photos?

Getting your holiday photos into a format that’s useful is something none of us are good at…

Well, you’ve found it – you are waiting for an image concierge, like Ansel & Fox, to come along and tell, show and help you to make those photographs earn their spot on your hard drive.

We are going to show you how relieve them from the digital darkness of your phones and computers and return them to photograph albums, books, prints or a myriad of other different photographic products that will mean you can enjoy them again.

And that’s what we are – an image concierge.  We make those photos pull their weight.  The secondary effect will be that you will start to take photos for a purpose – you’ll have that album layout in your mind’s eye.

It’ll focus your photography and stop you snapping away randomly if you think ‘what is this going to look like in an album?’ every time you take a photo.

So what precisely can we do for you?

Well we break it into two different aspects – services and products.

Our services are all about improving your individual images but also improving how you access your photographic library.

The archiving of a mass of data simply and cogently means that you’ll be able to access your photos efficiently.  Most of the time Apple Photos is fine and archiving happens automatically, but that does change if you start to have a multitude of cameras.

Additionally, editing, digitising and restoring are all services that we can offer if you an old shoe box of film or projector slides.

Finally, because Ansel & Fox has been setup by professional photographers, we can both tutorials and advice on how to improve your photography whilst on your travels, or as a last resort, we are available to travel with you as your photographer… Where are you going?!

The other side of the house is what we can then turn your photos into – albums, books, prints and even collages or mosaics as something different.

You upload the images, we design the product to your specification and approval and then we have it sent off to the manufacturers.  You’ll start to receive your photos in a format that you can live in your home and not just in your computer or phone.  Rescuing your images from digital darkness!

So, we are delighted that you’ve arrived at Ansel & Fox and encourage you to have a look round the website – we hope to develop and grow our offering in terms of products but we need to make sure that we finding the best of the photographic and design industry.  Bespoke and luxury products that fit our mould are relatively tricky to find!

And, if we can help you deliver or change your photographic archive into something useful, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. ☺️

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