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After a long time in development and beta testing, the Ansel & Fox Team are today delighted to announce that the new ‘A&F Membership Program‘ is now live.

The concept of the program is simple: for a small monthly membership fee, you send A&F your best images over the course of 12 months and they design your annual photo book for you.

There are 3 levels of membership: Gold (£30 per month), Silver (£20pm) & Bronze (£10pm) for which you will be able to upload 360, 320, 280 images respectively. All books will be 20x25cm in size with a choice of landscape or portrait orientation, and covers will be designed with an image and title of your choice.

The A&F team are hoping this concept will start to address the problem of too many images sitting in our devices and never seeing the light of day – something from which we all suffer!

Ed Lloyd Owen, Founder and MD of Ansel & Fox said, “Over the last decade or so, our photography has all gone very digital very quickly. This has been helped of course by the dramatic improvement of camera quality in mobile phones which is is great news – as a photographer myself, I’m thrilled that photography is growing in strength as an art form.

“But what happens to all those other photos? Why do we all have thousands on our phones that never do anything but take up space? What do we intend to do with them all?

“Well, we know that the effort, time and technical expertise required to generate albums or books that allow people to enjoy their photographs is a barrier that most people find too high, and so we are launching the A&F Membership Program to do that heavy lifting for you. We are hoping that this will start a process to begin the rescue of your images from digital darkness.”

The announcement of this program comes alongside the launch of a new Ansel & Fox website outlining the other photographic services and products that Ansel & Fox offer to their clients.

Bespoke luxury photograph albums, coffee table books, prints and collages, editing, archiving and curation services are amongst those available by the A&F Team to customers who feel overwhelmed by their digital image archives, and yearn for a return to the simpler times of physical photograph albums.

Lloyd Owen again, “Everything else we’ve traditionally done in the photographic field remains in place; the e-commerce element is still a work in progress but is very much available. However, if you have any photographic requirement, do get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you stop your photographs gathering digital dust.

Ansel & Fox is a photographic design agency based in London, Verbier and across Europe, catering to the bespoke photographic requirements of their customers.

Photographic services include archiving, editing, curation, retouching, digitisation, photography tuition and on-location event and holiday photography services as required.

Products in include beautiful leather-bound, luxury photograph albums with a bespoke design, hardback coffee-table books, wall hangings, prints, collages and mosaics.

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