Ansel & Fox is a boutique communications agency based in West Berkshire, England. We support our clients’ aims and goals, business or otherwise, and ensure that they have the requisite expertise to convey their messages to their audiences, stakeholders and customers.

The modern communications-scape is varied and wide.  Managing those different channels can be perplexing and challenging for small businesses.  It is this problem with which we can help.

A&F was founded by Edward Lloyd Owen in 2012 to initially support his work as a professional photographer, designing photo books and beautiful luxury leather photograph albums for his clients.

With a background in military and strategic communications in for major businesses in the UK and also abroad for foreign governments, after ten years as a photographer, Ed realised it was time to bring it all together. A&F now makes a full-service offering for businesses who feel a littler overwhelmed with their marketing and communications efforts.

In order to keep costs low, Ed convenes a myriad of experience from freelancers across the communications world, and that team is growing.

Ed Lloyd Owen


With eighteen years experience working in media, communications strategy, photography and web design, Ed drives A&F with the help of a phenomenally talented team.