Wait for it......

What do you do with your photographs?

We've got everything else sorted: our music, our movies, our box sets - all streamed directly from Spotify, iTunes, Netflix or Amazon.

But why are our photographs still in chaos? Why are they are sitting in digital darkness?

Gathering digital dust...

The time has come to tackle the problem.

But what can you do about it?

Ansel & Fox is photographic design agency that looks after the photographic libraries of private individuals and public institutions, including schools, universities and regiments.

We provide curation services to help you organise your archives and advise how to best make use of them through the appropriate product.

In other words, we are an 'Image Concierge' and always here to help you rescue your images from digital darkness.

Digital eagles with a personal touch!

Ansel & Fox offers a personalised service at an affordable price; it’s been wonderful to be able to count on them to create sense and order in my digital photo library.

I’d definitely recommend Ansel & Fox to anyone in a similar situation!

Kate @ CondeNast



Little and often you upload your images over 12 months and we do the design and then deliver your book. Simple.  Read more...


Give us your private photographic archive and we'll organise, curate, digitise, edit and retouch. Read more...


When it all is in order, we'll help you get your photos into an album or a book - rescued from digital darkness. Read more...


Know you need some help, but not quite sure where to start?  All slightly overwhelming?  Don't worry - we've got your back.

Simply put a few details into the form on the contact page or use the speech bubble, and we'll get back to you asap to find out how we can help.


Join for 12 months and upload your best 300 shots or so over the course of the year.  We do all the design work, you approve it online, and you receive a photo book in the post.  Pages designed.  Cover immaculate.  A perfect photobook.  No fuss.  No effort.  Nothing technical.

This is what our flagship membership program is all about; we've set ourselves the daunting mission of changing the way our members use their own photography.  We're advocating a return to the good old days of printed photography and photograph albums...

Our membership plans start at £10 a month, so pick a membership level and join the Ansel & Fox family.

At the end of the 12-month period, you approve our work and a photo book arrives shortly thereafter.

Minimum effort, maximum impact. Easy.



We know the score: you've got 15 years of digital photos, from three cameras and 7 phones spread across four computers, 3 hard drives, in 2 locations...

And that's before you mention the cupboard full of old photograph albums, negatives, overhead projector slides and loose maps & prints.

It doesn't have to be that way.  We'll sort it. All of it. And you'll get back something that's useful, compact, and memorable.


Once the images have all been knocked into shape, organised, re-uploaded in a useable form for you to view and enjoy, then you can decide how you want to use them.

  • Collages in clip frames in the playroom? Done.
  • Smart leather bound photograph albums for the drawing room? Done.
  • 3000 images from a safari holiday into six different albums? DONE!

If it can have a photo on it or in it, we can do it - we are only limited by your imagination!

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